The Cube Project

Design and execution:

Yaakov Sasson


Maya Levental

“The Cube” is an educational project for children based on the Ramat Gan farm. A beautiful and peaceful place surrounded by nature.
The project offers a playground for children of any age to plan and build any kind of construction from the variety of specially designed wooden and textile pieces.
I believe we should give the young generation the opportunity to discover the world by creation. By feeling, by touching, by building things, and by making mistakes.
By thinking out of “The Cube”!


The project is all about recycling. I’ve been working with used materials for over a decade. I find this transformation of something old turning into a helpful piece completely mind-blowing. I put value into my art and want to show it to the young generation.

◦ the cube ◦ the cube ◦ the cube ◦ the cube ◦ the cube